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Monday Motivation: “Be grateful for our country, the USA!”

Happy 4th of July!Home PageSupport Page Hello Everybody! Happy Fourth of July. it is a little bit rainy here in Minnesota for the Fourth of July, but I’m just so grateful for being able to wake up in our country.   I know that it’s not perfect, no country has a perfect history, and IContinue reading “Monday Motivation: “Be grateful for our country, the USA!””

What is a PivotPreneur?

Home PageSupport PageSo what is a pivot? pivoting simply means to plant your foot and make a turn.  Think of basketball….   football…   Preneur comes from the word… entrepreneur… someone who starts, runs, and grows something new.   That can happen independently or within an organization.  independently –  starting a business. we’ll talk aContinue reading “What is a PivotPreneur?”